1º. - Objectives of the general conditions of use

SMART LIVING, SL is offering this service subject to its Conditions of Use, which may be periodically updated.

These general conditions of use include the possibility that some services or utilities offered by way of the contents and services offered on are subject to special conditions of use which should be referred to by the Customer.

2º. - Services rendered by and its affiliates

SMART LIVING SL (hereinafter referred to as SALUSLINE) offers though its Internet presence health related contents and services the offering of which is additional to the client facilities and is detailed as follows:

Access to further contents on the
Guidance services through Salusline
Services to calculate stress levels
Health Risk Assessment services
Personalised Health Programs services
Support and maintenance Programs together with:
Updated medical information
Motivation through charts based upon medical data
Training calendars
Organisation of activities and courses
Reminders of important dates
Community On-Line at your service
Newsletters with news on medical breakthroughs
The possibility to consult a doctor
Services of selected web pages designed by SALUSLINE through links.
Access services and free downloading of programs
Other services that Salusline may incorporate into its portal.

SALUSLINE may offer Clients new contents, services or additional facilities either free of charge or by increasing the services offered to the Client.

SALUSLINE reserves the right to cancel or amend any of the contents, services or utilities incorporated within the portal

3. - Responsibility for accessing and using the contents

SALUSLINE does not guarantee the quality accuracy, reliability, or correctness of the data programs information or opinions whatever their origin. The Client expressly accepts that SALUSLINE is free from any responsibility related with the portal.

The Client assumes sole liability for any consequences damages or actions that may arise from accessing the said contents as well as their reproduction or distribution.

SALUSLINE is not responsible for any infractions made by any Client affecting the rights of another Client or of third parties including copyrights trademarks patents confidential information or any other intellectual or industrial property rights.

4. - Responsibility for the use of links through the portal

SALUSLINE is not responsible for the availability of any web page the client accesses by way of any links included in the portal.

SALUSLINE is not responsible for any damage to the Client for its use of the contents or services offered by any web page accessed by way of a link included in the portal.

5. - Intellectual and Industrial Property

The Client accepts that the elements and utilities integrated within l SALUSLINE are protected by legislation ruling copyright and that the Intellectual and Industrial Property rights of the same belong to SMART LIVING S.L. The Client commits himself to comply with the terms and conditions established by the present General Conditions of Use.

The Client recognises that the reproduction, modification, distribution, commercialisation, disassembly, use of reverse engineering techniques or of any other means to obtain the original reference text of any of the elements or utilities integrated within the portal constitute an infringement of the intellectual property rights of SALUSLINE.

The title and property rights of the portal are owned by SALUSLINE so that the Client commits neither to delete or amend any distinctive sign used as a trademark or trade name (graphic design, logo, etc.) such elements being protected by copyright or any other warnings, legends, symbols or labels of SALUSLINE appearing in the portal.

The Client will refrain from carrying out any act in using the portal infringing the Intellectual and Industrial Property rights of SALUSLINE or of third parties and in any event will indemnify SALUSLINE from any judicial or extra-judicial claim against it as a consequence of the said use.

The Client will refrain from using the portal for any act of destruction, alteration, use or damage of the data programs or electronic documents pertaining to SALUSLINE, its providers or to third parties, as well as not to introduce or distribute into the network any programs, viruses applets active control or any instrument or physical or material device causing or being likely to cause any alteration in the network the system or the hardware of third parties.

Any activity or practice transgressing the generally accepted proper conduct of Internet users is expressly prohibited.

6. - Responsibility of SALUSLNE for the operation of the portal

SALUSLINE will not be responsible for any damage caused to the user in the event of the impossibility to render the service objects of the General Conditions of Uses due to any reasons act of God or other reasons not the responsibility of the Company.

SALUSLINE will not be responsible for the inappropriate operation of the portal if due to maintenance works, to events affecting international operators or by a defective operation of the hardware of the Client or to his insufficient capacity to support the needed computer system to use the service.

7. - Confidentiality and data protection

In accordance with the stipulation of the Organic Law 15/1999 of the 13th December for the Protection of Personal Data SALUSLINE hereby notifies the User of the existence of an electronic list of computerised personal data created for SALUSLINE and under its responsibility in order to carry out the maintenance and the handling of the relationship with the User as well as for information and training tasks and the commercialisation of the service and the activities related with the same.

At the time of acceptance of these General Conditions SALUSLINE will collect from the User necessary data for rendering its services. The said data are: first name and family name, address and telephone number. At the time of acceptance of the contract, the User will be informed of the necessity to collect such data for SALUSLINE to render services.

At the time of acceptance of this agreement SALUSLINE will ask the User to provide data for the information, training tasks and the commercialisation of the services offered by SALUSLINE and of activities related to the same. Such voluntary data are: Fiscal ID number, city, and date of birth, sex and occupation. At the time of acceptance of this agreement the User will be informed of the non-mandatory character of the collection of such data for SALUSLINE to render its service. However the non-completion of the said data will impede SALUSLINE from rendering all the services related to such data.

The User agrees that SALUSLINE may use its Internet navigation data to remit from the navigator and/or the software facility advertisements from third parties in accordance with the visited web sites. The advertisers will in no way have direct access to the personal data of the User without the express agreement in each instance of the User. The advertisers will be the only ones responsible for the veracity, exactness and legality of their publicity, SALUSLINE solely referring to the same.

SALUSLINE notifies the User of the possibility they have to access for rectification, correction and cancellation of the personal data collected by SALUSLINE.

Rectification, correction or cancellation can be exercised by the User and if appropriate those persons representing him by written request to: Smart Living S.L., Paseo de Colombia nº 172 A, 29600 Marbella (Málaga). The said request must contain the name of the CLIENT, an address for notifications, and a photocopy of the National ID card or passport. In the case of representation, this will have to be proved by way of the appropriate document.

SALUSLINE commits to comply with its obligations to keep the personal data secret and will adopt appropriate actions to avoid its alteration, loss non-authorised processing or access in accordance with the provisions contained by the Regulation of Security standards of computerised lists approved by the Real Decree 994/1999 dated 11 July.

8. - Cancellation

SALUSLINE may unilaterally stop any services offered by the portal following a communication to the Client in the following events: unethical usage being offensive or incorrect, and where the Client fails to comply with any of the obligations assumed by these Conditions of Use.

Once the service is cancelled SALUSLINE will keep the information stored on the client on its server for fifteen days after which SALUSLINE will erase it without any liability for so doing.

9. - Communications

SALUSLINE will be able to notify the Client either by post, electronic mail or by a public broadcasting of these communications through any media. The Client may notify SALUSLINE either by post forwarded to the head office of the company or electronic mail sent to the e-mail dedicated for Clients.

10. - Resolution of conflicts

The General Conditions are subject to and ruled by Spanish Law.

If you are resident in one of the member states of the European Union the Court of your place of domicile will be competent to resolve any dispute. If you are non-resident in one of the member states of the European Union the Spanish Court will be competent.

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